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Enrichment Program Parental Agreement

Dear Parents,

Thank you for choosing to participate in the Enrichment Program of Arborbrook Christian Academy.  We are delighted that you have decided to join us and we trust this semester will be an enriching and meaningful learning experience for your children.

Please remember that we are guests at Central Baptist Church. Although they have permitted us to use their facility on a rental basis, they continue to make several requests which we need to honor. We ask all of our parents to agree to the following policies:

  • Do Not Wander: No student may be left on the school/church campus unless they are officially enrolled in an enrichment class and participating in that class during the time they are on campus. All students must remain with their enrichment instructor in the designated area at all times. Students are not permitted to roam the halls or the grounds unattended.
  • Siblings: Siblings of all ages of enrolled students must be with their parent at all times. Siblings are not to be unattended in any areas of the school/church.
  • No Child Care Available: Please understand that teachers and staff DO NOT offer child care after school. Please do not assume that just because there might be adults around in the afternoon hours that your child is being cared for.
  • No Food or Drink:  Our enrichment classes are short. Students do not need to bring any food or drink with them to class. A water fountain is provided. ALL food and drink is strictly prohibited in the sanctuary (per request of CBC). Occasionally when a rehearsal is of a longer duration, food and drink will be allowed in designated areas only.
  • Waiting Area: Please respect the learning environment in the classrooms and the sanctuary when a class is in session. We ask that parents and siblings not wander in and out of the sanctuary. If a quiet place to read or work is desired, you may sit in the lobby. Chairs are provided and this is the designated waiting area for all Enrichment classes. Siblings may also play outside on the playground behind the Cottage with parental supervision.

Thank you so much for your understanding and cooperation. It is our goal to honor the requests of the church administration so that we will continue to be welcome in this facility and be able to offer these wonderful programs to our children.


Maria Lindsay

Arborbrook Christian Academy