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Jun 3 18

Summer Reading 2018

by Angela Cook

Summer is here! Check out the summer reading assignments for rising 5th-12th grade students. Our primary goal with summer reading is that students enjoy reading a good book!

We have tried to provide a variety of choices that will match student’s interests. This will be the first assignment of the new year in either history or language arts depending on the grade. Assignments will be due the first day of school on Tuesday, August 21,2018.

Books may be found on Amazon, at Barnes and Noble, the Homeschool Room, or at the public library.

5th & 6th Grade Summer Reading 2018

Junior High Summer Reading 2018

High School Summer Reading 2018

HS Dual Enrollment Class Crime and Punishment Summer Reading

Jun 2 17

Summer Reading 2017

by Angela Cook

DSC_0697Summer is here!  Please see the summer reading assignments below for rising 5th-12th grade students.  We work to find living books that will be of interest to children, as summer reading should be fun!  It is also one of the most valuable things you can do in the summer.  Reading increases vocabulary, ignites the imagination, and helps students improve in their understanding of ideas.

There are book choices and assignment choices for every grade designed to appeal to different types of learners.  This will be the first grade of the new year in either history or language arts, as noted.  Assignments will be due the first day of school on Tuesday, August 15, 2017.  Books may be found on Amazon, at Barnes and Noble or the Homeschool Room, or at the public library.

Summer Reading 2017 5th-6th Grade

Junior High Summer Reading 2017

High School Summer Reading 2017

Jun 5 16

Summer Reading 2016

by Angela Cook

Reading is one of the most valuable and enjoyable things you can do in the summer! Students in grades 5-12 are required to do a summer reading assignment each year, and teachers and administrators spend many hours choosing high-interest books that relate to units of study for the coming year.  Please see the assignments and books below listed by grade (in most cases only 1 or 2 books are required with a short assignment- read the short descriptions to decide which book(s) your child will most enjoy).

Books may be found on Amazon, at the Homeschool Room, or at the public library.  Students are encouraged to do their assignments early in the summer and not wait until the last minute!  This is the first assignment of the new school year.

Rising 5th-6th Grade Summer Reading

Rising 7th-8th Grade Summer Reading

Rising 9th-12th Summer Reading

Jun 7 15

Dive Into Reading this Summer!

by Angela Cook

Summer is here!  Are your kids ready to dive into a good book?  Reading is one of the very best things you can do in the summer.  It improves vocabulary and comprehension, taps into creativity and empathy, and is just plain fun! We have been hard at work updating some of our summer reading selections.  Summer reading assignments are for students in rising grades 5-12.  But students of all ages are encouraged to read this summer!  Please click on the appropriate link below to find your summer reading assignment.  Summer reading assignments are due on the first day of school, August 19, 2015.  Enjoy!

Summer Reading 2015 5th and 6th grades

Summer Reading 2015 Junior High (7th and 8th grades)

High School Summer Reading 2015

Aug 23 14

Get Ready for our Fall Trips!

by Angela Cook

Creeper Trail  

Many of you have already signed up for our annual family trip to the Creeper Trail in September.  We are VERY excited to be going back to Damascus, Virginia at one of the most beautiful times of year- cool enough to make biking very pleasant, and warm enough to still enjoy the creek adjacent to the cabins/campground area.  The dates this year are a little earlier than usual, September 11th-13th.  School is a half day on that Thursday, giving everyone plenty of time to drive to Virginia.  We bike the trail on Friday when it is less crowded, and then we have our family fellowship time that evening (with a potluck).  We head out on Saturday morning.  For those who have never been, this trip is the highlight of our year with a warm campfire, cool evenings, starry skies, a very easy 17-mile downhill bike trip (thanks to being driven to the top of the trail!), and time to really get to know other families.  If you haven’t signed up yet, there are still a few rooms available (and also a very inexpensive option at the campground)- the deadline is coming soon! (August 31st) so don’t miss out:

Fort Caswell  

Our junior high students will be heading to Fort Caswell in Oak Island, NC on September 29th-October 1st.  This is absolutely the highlight of the fall term for junior high.  For the first time this year, we are staying two nights instead of just one!  This will enable us to do some team bonding activities and have a little more downtime between all the incredible programs available at Fort Caswell, from kayaking and fishing to ghost crab hunting, a beach seine, scavenger hunts, a history hay ride, plankton ecology activities, and much more!   Cost will be about $120 per student (some limited scholarship assistance is available).  These are regular school days and students who do not come will have things to do at school those days, but we are hoping we will get 100% participation.  More details coming soon!

Check out this flyer for more on the activities at Fort Caswell:  Fort Caswell Save the Date

Windy Gap  

While our junior high students go to the beach, our high schoolers head to the mountains!  Our high schoolers will be heading to Windy Gap at the same time our junior high students head to Fort Caswell, September 29th-October 1st. Students LOVE going to Windy Gap, a Young Life retreat center near Asheville, NC.

Here is a link to see some pictures of Windy Gap if you haven’t been there before:

Students participate in tons of fun activities and get to know one another well and build many positive memories at Windy Gap.  It is a very good bonding time for our high school students.  Cost is approximately $150-160, and we are hoping for 100% participation.  Any students who do not attend are expected to attend school those days and will have work to do in lieu of the trip.  Start saving your babysitting money now!  This is not to be missed!

Here is a “Save the Date” flyer for Windy Gap: Save the Date: Windy Gap

Jun 9 14

Summer Reading 2014

by Angela Cook

Summer is here!  And along with summer comes summer reading!  While we don’t want to fill the summer with schoolwork (we believe students should have a genuine break from school), we do think it is extremely valuable for students to read over the summer; we assign high-quality, living books that will tie in with the history cycle for the coming year.  We work hard to find books that are valuable for “entering into” an historical time period and building anticipation for history for the coming year but are also really fun summer reads.  While all students are encouraged to read over the summer, summer reading is only required as an assignment in rising grades 5 and up.  There are choices of book(s) to read and also an assignment that will be due the first day of school, August 20, 2014.  Please click on your grade level below to find your summer reading assignments.

Summer Reading 2014 Intermediate II and III (rising 5th and 6th grades)

Summer Reading 2014 Junior High I and II (rising 7th and 8th grades)

Summer Reading 2014 High School (rising 9th-12th grades)

Aug 14 13

Fall Electives

by Angela Cook
We are excited to announce our electives for the fall semester.  The electives we are offering this fall include:

American Girls Club (grades 2-5 girls)

Beginning Artists (grades 1-4 co-ed)

Chess Club (grades 3-8 co-ed)

Chimes (grades 4-6 co-ed)

Exploring Spanish I (grades 1-4 co-ed)

Exploring Spanish II (grades 4-6 co-ed)

Home Economics (grades 6-8 girls)

Lego Building (grades 2-4 co-ed)

Lego Robotics (grades 5-7 co-ed)

P.E. (grades 1-6 co-ed)

Science Club (grades 5-8 co-ed)

Want to find out more?
All our electives are after school from 2:30-3:30 (Monday-Thursday).  Please click on this link to find out more about these electives, including the days they meet, the instructors, and course descriptions:
We are super excited about our new electives this year as well as our returning electives.  We have terrific instructors for each of these.
Registration Procedure
If your child is interested in signing up for an elective, please do the following:
a) Sign up online for the elective(s) he/she is interested in taking.  Here is the link to sign up:
b) Print and complete the registration form and bring it in with a check to the Arborbrook main office (you may also mail it) no later than Monday, August 19th.  A separate form needs to be completed for each child taking an elective.  The $10 registration fee (yearly) for taking electives is waived for all Arborbrook families.  So your only cost is the cost of each elective that you sign up to take.  They are usually $110 for ten weeks of class, which normally includes supplies unless otherwise noted.  However, some courses are less than that including P.E. and Chess Club.
c) Classes begin after school the week of Monday, August 26th.
Contact Missy Trent with any questions at
Jul 22 13

Arborbrook Video

by Angela Cook

Arborbrook Christian Academy from Arborbrook Christian Academy on Vimeo.

Jun 14 13

Summer Reading 2013

by Angela Cook


Our summer reading assignments have arrived!  Teachers have worked hard to find titles that are living books, high-interest, of great literary quality, and also that will allow students to have their curiosity piqued for next year’s history study.  Please click on the links below to find your summer reading assignment:

Summer Reading 2013 Intermediate II and III

Summer Reading 2013 Junior High

Summer Reading 2013 High School

While we only require summer reading assignments for grades 5 and up, all students are encouraged to read this summer.  There are so many good books to read, we hope you spend part of your summer immersed in quality literature.  Enjoy!

In Him,

The Summer Reading Team (Diane Rhoades, Jamie Emrich, and Joy Fisk)

Dec 6 12

Spring Electives

by Angela Cook

Our spring electives are finally here!  Here is a list of what we are offering for the winter/spring:

American Girls Club (grades 2-5 girls)

American Heritage Girls Club (grades 1-3 girls)

Chess Club (grades 3-8 co-ed)

Drama: Musical Theatre I (grades 1-5 co-ed)

Drama: Musical Theatre II (grades 5-8 co-ed)

Exploring Spanish I (grades 1-4 co-ed)

Exploring Spanish II (grades 5-8 co-ed)

Home Economics (grades 6-8 girls)

Intermediate Artists (grades 4-6 co-ed)

Odyssey of the Mind (grades 6-8 co-ed)

P.E. (grades 1-5 co-ed)

Woodworking (grades 6-8 boys)

We are super excited about our new and returning electives.  American Girls Club and American Heritage Girls Club are very popular electives which are returning in the spring, along with P.E. and Odyssey of the Mind.  This past fall, students in American Girls Club created headdresses, made necklaces, and even wove baskets!  Students in American Heritage Girls created centerpieces for the Ronald McDonald house as a service project, learned all about the American flag, created rag wreaths, and made conversation starters for Thanksgiving, among other projects.  Fees for electives cover supplies as well as paying for our teachers.  In Odyssey of the Mind, students will be preparing to attend two exciting competitions this spring.  Chess Club, Home Economics, and Art (this time for Intermediate students) are also very popular electives which are back for the spring.

New electives include Woodworking (back by popular demand from last year) where boys in grades 6-8 will have the chance to build sets for our spring production among other things, and also Drama!  This year Drama: Musical Theatre is in two sections- for primary students and for intermediate to junior high students.  These spots will fill fast, so if you have a child who is interested in drama, sign up quickly.  We are so delighted to have our beloved Susie Tillman and Missy Schrader coming back as directors this year.   Our spring production this year is going to be garden-themed including a mini musical for students in grades 1-5 called “How Does Your Garden Grow?” and for the older students, some music and scenes from Godspell as well as the musicals You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown and The Secret Garden.

We are also excited about our new Spanish immersion electives.  Learning through immersion is a great way to learn a foreign language.  Tricia Walker, our Spanish teacher, grew up in a bilingual home and is excited to be coming to Arborbrook.  Go to to learn more about Tricia and her unique style of teaching Spanish.

It is going to be a great spring!  Please email Missy Trent with any general questions at  You can expect an invitation to sign-up for electives next Monday, December 10th.  You will have one week from that day to sign up and to send in or bring in your registration form and check (due by December 18th, the day before Christmas break).  On Monday, December 17th we will be opening up our sign-up to interested homeschoolers.